Accessibility Services
Visitors who are blind or partially sighted:
We offer visual description/tactile tours in-person, and an audio tour of our current exhibition is available on the exhibition page. Please email to arrange an in-person visual description/tactile tour.

Visitors who are deaf or partially hearing:
A self-led tour text for our current exhibition is available here . Closed captioning is provided for online programs.

Visitors on the autism spectrum:
A visual narrative is available here .

The current exhibition includes gallery walls fully painted marigold and burnt peach, two wooden sculptures, and several colorful paintings. The bar currently includes a playlist of music, a slideshow of Lorraine O’Grady’s work, and low warm lighting. Generally, the Wattis is not a crowded place, with just a handful of visitors in the space at a time. The quietest times to visit are Wednesday-Friday.

All-gender restrooms are accessible by wheelchair, located in the back right hall off the gallery.

Baby strollers are welcome, and the Wattis is accessible by wheelchair.

Service animals on a leash are permitted in the gallery.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about accessing the Wattis space or programs, please contact or call 415-355-9677. We are always trying to improve accessibility and welcome feedback.