A Tale of Love
108 mins, 1995 (released 1996)
An experimental narrative film portraying the Vietnamese immigrant experience of a woman in love with Love. The film is loosely based on the Vietnamese national of poem of love, The Tale of Kieu, written in the early 19th century. The poem tells of the misfortunes of a martyred woman who sacrificed her "purity" and became a prostitute for the benefit of her family. The poem has been widely regarded as a metaphor for the often-invaded Vietnam.

Voyeurism and the fiction of love that runs through the history of narrative are here inscribed in the moment of consumption and in the sensual experience of film.

Produced and Directed by Trinh T. Minh-ha and Jean-Paul Bourdier

Written & Edited by Trinh T. Minh-ha

Production & Lighting Design: Jean-Paul Bourdier

Line Producer & Production Manager: Erica Marcus

Director of Photography: Kathleen Beeler

Music: The Construction of Ruins (Greg Goodman, J.A. Deane)

Featuring: Mai Huynh, Juliette Chen, Dominic Overstreet, Mai Le Ho, Kieu Loan