The Fourth Dimension
87 mins, 2001
In her first digital film, Trinh deconstructs the role of ritual in mediating between the past and the present. Set in Japan, the film explores encounters between self and other, human and machine, viewer and image, fact and fancy, to determine the field of relations in which new interactions between past and present are made possible. Here, travel through Japan is through a camera, a visual machine ritualizing a journey through bullet-train windows, sliding doors, and digital repetitions. Trinh considers the mediation between ancestral voices and new possibilities in the film, conjuring a fourth dimension featuring sculpture, performance, art, dance, and personal cosmologies.

Produced by Jean-Paul Bourdier

Directed, Written & Edited by Trinh T. Minh-ha

Music: The Construction of Ruins with Greg Goodman, and Shoko Hikage