September 5 –
November 9, 2019
Vincent Fecteau

Opening reception: September 5, 2019, 5:30 - 8:00pm

Vincent Fecteau's sculptures sit on white pedestals. They claim space, perhaps even compress space. They are not models or surrogates for something else. They aren’t also elsewhere, the way images can be. Their job is to make manifest, in physical form, some of what is not here, or at least not visibly so - the psyche, the libido, and everything else that remains unsaid and unsayable.

Driven by impulse and intuition, the artist folds, cuts, turns over, and twists back. He ties knots into other knots. Bit by bit, he locates the sharpest edges of whatever emerges - the parts of an object that cut into ideas in a way that makes them nervous or puts them on alert. Eventually, each sculpture is wound up until it can’t be made any tighter, sharpened until it can’t be made any sharper, and released into the wild.

These sculptures are tools that try to access the abstract. They work at getting a bit closer to it, maybe even to stick their toes in it, to get dirty with it. Fecteau doesn’t invent an abstract form as much as he learns how to find one.

This exhibition, the artist's first in the Bay Area in over 15 years, features an entirely new body of work.

Vincent Fecteau (b. 1969, Islip, NY) lives and works in San Francisco.

More information coming soon.