The TV Sutras
(Ugly Duckling Presse, 2014)

Can meaning arise in a depressed middle-aged writer sitting on her living room floor; wearing knit pajama bottoms patterned with hot pink peonies? (p. 100)

My tenth year in the cult, my Master was excommunicated. He was a fallen master, I was told, because he had held on to the Wand of God too long, and it burned him. My Master got so drunk, I was told, he had to be hauled back to his hotel room. (p. 126)

I don't just love, I absorb people, and everybody suffers. This is why I've become so rigid. (p. 164)

...but my cult was nothing like Mark's cult, my cult was normal (p. 197)

Charismatics are addictive, they count on that. The student comes back again and again to suck sweet nectar from the Teacher's teat. No matter how bizarre the teachings get. (p, 205)