The Letters of Mina Harker
(Hard Press, 1998; republished by University of Wisconsin Press, 2004)

The monstrous and the formless have as much right as anybody else (p. 10)

Have you noticed how any activity can be classified into that which does and that which does not stain? (p. 13)

My karma ran over my dogma (p. 31)

I was wearing a slinky silk blouse that really lived up to its adjective (p. 50)

Horror is a luxury the desperate cannot afford (p. 53)

Writing has always been more sexual than sex, the sustained arousal of never quite getting it right. (p. 73)

Eagerly he licks his cum from my mouth: I want to bring the reader this close to my writing (p. 78)

I know - I'd better show more compassion or the reader won't think I'm a good person, but, Sing, I'm not a good person - if I ever was this story ended that - I am I I am she I am Mina Harker a sexy construct a trope a simulated force of nature Dodie's embarrassment a vortex of urges swirling around a void" (p. 99)

I came in spasms that cramped my subjectivity (p. 111)