October 22 –
December 12, 2020
Jeffrey Gibson:Nothing Is Eternal

Jeffrey Gibson presents a newly commissioned video with musical composition. Conceived during this pandemic era, the immersive video work depicts the American flag as it dissolves, reshapes, and morphs into legible and illegible forms, set to a heartrending soundtrack. At once melancholic and beautiful, Gibson renders the iconic image of the flag as both indecipherable and malleable. With each mutation, the artist implies a denouncement of power by refusing existing aesthetic histories and inherited boundaries. The slow transformation through color and form reflects both a distillation of our social collapse and the reinvention of self and community, referencing the movement and change that is so desired for this nation.

Presented during the 2020 general election, the exhibition embodies the contradiction of emotions that pervade our lives, yesterday as much as today, as we head towards an uncertain future. The work posits hope as much as it evinces a sense of mourning. Gibson asks viewers to imagine a destiny beyond our comprehension, on a pathway paved with both tremendous love and immense sorrow.

A series of public programs accompanying the exhibition will be announced shortly.

Jeffrey Gibson (b. 1972, Colorado, US) lives and works in Hudson, New York.

Jeffrey Gibson: Nothing Is Eternal is curated by Kim Nguyen and organized by Diego Villalobos.