November 23, 2020
Can our materials be our witness?

This discussion reflects on the ways Cecilia Vicuña uses materials as a record of her engagement with "the life force." Vicuña sees weaving as a metaphor for cosmology, a single red thread as the blood that binds us, and scavenged trash remnants as collective pain. Offering us the possibility of a sensual and emotional connection to the materials around us, Vicuna's work arrives from feeling towards truth rather than knowing.

Readings include "In Conversation with Cecilia Vicuña: An Interview by Tatiana Flores" from Cecilia Vicuña: Water Writing: Anthological Exhibition 1966-2009; an excerpt from Gloria Anzaldua’s Borderlands / La Frontera; and Julie Phillips Brown’s essay "'touch in transit': Manifestation / Manifestación in Cecilia Vicuña’s cloud-net."

Ricki Dwyer received an Art Practice MFA from UC Berkeley. They have exhibited with Anglim Gilbert, Eleanor Harwood, Guerrero Gallery, Root Division and the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, in the Bay Area. They are currently teaching in the Textiles department of California College of the Arts.

This is the third event in our year-long season dedicated to thinking about our contemporary moment through the lens of Cecilia Vicuña's work.

Ricki Dwyer leads a Cecilia Vicuña Reading Group: Can our materials be our witness?

5 - 6:30 pm (PST)
Free, online (space is limited to allow for discussion format)

RSVP to reserve a spot in the reading group and receive PDFs of the texts. First come, first served.

The Cecilia Vicuña Reading Groups offer a virtual space for in-depth conversation around Vicuña’s work. Each meeting is led by a different invited guest, who assigns a selection of readings and leads an open dialogue with participants.