January 23, 2019
...Dodie Bellamy is on our mind: An evening with Frances Stark
We tend to keep our online sex chats secret. They reveal too much about desire and obsession, while also speaking volumes about despair. They are brutally honest in that way.

In 2012, Frances Stark made Nothing is Enough and Osservate, Leggete Con Me, two videos of text fragments taken from her online chats with young Italian men, set to music. It goes from blunt to crass to funny to sweet to dark to pornographic to offensive to raw to...

- you are a trouble but interesting girl
- trouble for you?
- trouble for all. tonight I dream you

In 2015, Stark released Poets on the Pyre, a four-part video essay made with her own Instagram posts, set to the profanity-filled edit of an enormously popular hip hop "dis" track from that year.

The earlier videos consist of text exchanges between two people who are mutually bound by a shared pursuit of pleasure. It's sexy, vulnerable, and exposed. The later video is a sprawling visual and poetic essay about the pursuit of a more repressed type of pleasure in the context of technology, social media, and popularity culture.

The artist introduces these pieces and shares excerpts of new works in progress.

Frances Stark is an artist based in Los Angeles. UH-OH: Frances Stark 1991-2015, a mid-career survey show, took place at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston in 2015. Stark recently resigned her position as tenured professor in USC's Roski School of Art and Design.

This is the sixth event in our year-long season dedicated to themes and questions posed by the work of Dodie Bellamy.

An evening with Frances Stark

6:30 pm


Frances Stark, "Osservate, Leggete Con Me," 2012
Frances Stark, "Osservate, Leggete Con Me," 2012

Frances Stark, "Poets on the Pyre," 2015
Frances Stark, "Poets on the Pyre," 2015