February 17, 2016
... Andrea Fraser is on our mind: Rhea Anastas and Robert Snowden on Orchard.
The art historian Rhea Anastas was a co-founder of Orchard, an experimental artist-run gallery in the Lower East Side in New York (2004 - 2008). Her other co-founders included Moyra Davey, Andrea Fraser, Nicolàs Guagnini, Gareth James, Christian Phillip Müller, Jeff Preiss, R. H. Quaytman, Karin Schneider, Jason Simon, and John Yancy Jr. One further member elected to remain anonymous.

Anastas introduces us to the methodologies and projects undertaken by Orchard. She also has a dialogue with Robert Snowden, curator at Yale Union, a center for contemporary art in Portland that was also founded by artists.

The gallery project was, in the words of Schneider and Guagnini, “a means of production in which younger artists can assert their genealogies and benefit from explicit endorsements, hence generating a system of public legitimation not necessarily regulated by sales; a place where art history is read and reconstructed without institutional agendas and constraints, to enable us and others to see, and see ourselves and themselves seeing; a space in which discursive and curatorial coordinates are exclusively geared to the desires and politics of the producers and their created, found, or preexisting audiences.”

This is the eighth event in our year-long season about and around the work of Andrea Fraser.

Have a look at the Orchard Spreadsheet here:
Orchard Spreadsheet

Andrea Fraser, Jeff Preiss,
Andrea Fraser, Jeff Preiss, 'Orchard Document: May I Help You?', 2005-2006. Courtesy of the artists.