October 25, 2016
... Howard Fried talks at the San Francisco Art Institute.
The notion that all syllabi should be uniform and standardized is purely diseased, indicative of the creeping bureaucratic fungus that seems now to have found a toehold in institutionalized higher art education. People are individual and unique and any attempt to neuter their idiosyncratic expression should be seen as what it is; a threat to all humanity. –Howard Fried, 2007

In the late 1970s, Howard Fried was appointed as the founding chair of the Performance and Video Arts Department at the San Francisco Art Institute. Now known as New Genres, the department quickly came to be respected for its truly experimental approach to arts education. Classes had no syllabi and did not provide technological instruction, preferring ambiguously titled classes such as Fried's own “Physical Education for Performance,” “Real Estate,” “Auto Mechanics,” and “Drugs 101.” Classes were taught by invited artists such as Valie Export, Doug Hall, Julia Heyward, Vito Acconci, Linda Montano, and Tom Marioni.

Fried returns to SFAI to discuss the work on view in Derelicts, as well as the impact his teaching experiences had upon the formulation of his artworks.

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Talk begins at 7pm
Lecture Hall
San Francisco Art Institute
800 Chestnut Street, San Francisco

Howard Fried, 'Patternmaker', 1984
Howard Fried, 'Patternmaker', 1984

Howard Fried, 'The Burghers of Fort Worth', 1975-77
Howard Fried, 'The Burghers of Fort Worth', 1975-77