December 5, 2017
. . . Seth Price is on our mind: Leslie Thornton screening and conversation
The artist and filmmaker Leslie Thornton began making Peggy and Fred in Hell in 1984, and has continued remaking, revising, and extending it into an ongoing cycle of inter-related films and videos. It chronicles two small children, "raised on television," who wander through a post-apocalyptic landscape to create their own world.

Thornton screens several episodes of this epic video series in a program that includes: a piece by UK artist and Thornton’s frequent collaborator, James Richards; Barbie Melts, a recent work by Thornton in collaboration with Monika Czyżyk; and a selection of early works by Seth Price.

The screenings are followed by a conversation with the artist.

Thornton teaches in the Modern Culture and Media Program at Brown University, where Seth Price was once her student.

This is the fourth event in our year-long season about and around the work of Seth Price.

Co-organized with Dena Beard.

6:30 pm: Screening

7:30 pm: Leslie Thornton in conversation

Space is limited.

Leslie Thornton, 'Peggy and Fred in Hell,' film, (1984 - ongoing)
Leslie Thornton, "Peggy and Fred in Hell," film, (1984 - ongoing)