April 23, 2019
…Gathering Space: A Conversation on Convening in the Bay Area Arts and Queer Scenes
Centered around the question “What does it take to create and maintain physical, artistic, and queer spaces in the Bay Area in 2019?” this panel addresses the characteristics of an inclusive space for artists and queer people. Moderated by Yomna Osman, the discussion considers approaches to fostering and stewarding inclusive spaces for convening, today, in 2019.

Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo
is an artist, arts educator, activist, storyteller, and curator who lives and works in Oakland, California. Branfman-Verissimo’s work is informed by her commitment to craft and community, engagement with society, and interests in storytelling and cultural geography. Branfman-Verissimo has been an active member of the Oakland-based artist collective, CTRL+SHFT.

Honey Mahogany is a social worker and community advocate, known for her role on Season 5 of RuPaul's Drag Race. Named San Francisco’s Best Drag Performer by the B.A.R. and SF Weekly, Mahogany performs across the globe. She is also co-founder of the Compton's Transgender Cultural District, co-President of the Harvey Milk LGBTQ Democratic Club, a member of the San Francisco Democratic Central County Committee, and co-owner of the Stud.

Amy Sueyoshi is the associate dean of the College of Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State University. Sueyoshi is a trained historian specializing in sexuality, gender, and race. Her publications and lectures focus on issues regarding race and sexuality such as cross-dressing, pornography, and marriage equality.

This event is co-hosted by PLAySPACE and organized by Yomna Osman in conjunction with To Know Herself, the CCA’s Graduate Program in Curatorial Practice Class of 2019 exhibition.

Gathering Space: A Conversation on Convening in the Bay Area Arts and Queer Scenes with Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo, Honey Mahogany, and Amy Sueyoshi



Photo credit: Lexington Club Archival Project
Photo credit: Lexington Club Archival Project