December 5, 2019
...Chris E. Vargas hosts Trancestor Radio Hour
In this set, Chris E. Vargas broadcasts Trancestor Radio Hour, a set of hirstorical tunes from classics to deep cuts, to the Wattis galleries, which have been transformed into a radio station by Cinthia Marcelle in the exhibition A morta.

Vargas is a video maker, interdisciplinary artist and Director of MOTHA, the Museum of Transgender Hirstory & Art. His work deploys humor and performance in conjunction with mainstream idioms in order to explore the complex ways that queer and trans people negotiate spaces for themselves within historical and institutional memory and popular culture. Vargas has shown at Palais de Tokyo, LACE, Centre for Contemporary Arts Glasgow, and the New Museum among other venues.

MOTHA is dedicated to moving the hirstory and art of transgender people to the center of public life. The preeminent institution of its kind, the museum insists on an expansive and unstable definition of transgender, one that is able to encompass all trans, non-binary, and gender non-conformed art and artists.

This event is presented on the occasion of Cinthia Marcelle et al.: A morta on view through January 18, 2020.

Chris E. Vargas hosts Trancestor Radio Hour