August 13, 2020
...Considering Kiki: Delaplane and Wayne Smith in Conversation
27 years ago, artist and activist Rick Jacobsen opened Kiki Gallery in San Francisco’s Mission district. During its 18 months of operation, Kiki became a fixture for a queer art community in the midst of the AIDS crisis. Like many of his peers and fellow artists, Jacobsen was involved in ACT UP and used his gallery as a place for gathering and discussion. His charismatic energy and curatorial vision manifested through exhibitions and live performances. From 1993 to 1995, Kiki presented over 150 artists, poets, and performers such as Lutz Bacher, Vincent Fecteau, Joan Jett Blakk, and Kevin Killian. 27 years later, Delaplane occupies Kiki’s former residence.

Founded in 2019 by artists Sophie Appel and Cole Solinger, Delaplane has been introducing a new generation of artists to the Bay Area, while also paying tribute to those that came before. On the occasion of Delaplane’s most recent exhibition PEACE (Nine Artists Consider Kiki Gallery), Delaplane’s co-directors and Wayne Smith, a visual and sound artist who was actively involved with Kiki, have a conversation on the iconic gallery.

Sophie Appel is an artist and curator currently living in Berkeley, CA. She is a graduate of SFAI (class of 2019) and is a historical map archivist; Cole Solinger is a graduate of SFAI (class of 2016) as well as a trained sign painter, curator and poet currently living in Oakland, CA. Appel & Solinger co-direct Delaplane in San Francisco's mission district.

Wayne Smith is a visual and sound artist who lives and works in San Francisco, CA. As a graphic designer, he has created books and other printed matter for various Bay Area artists and arts organizations since the early 90s. His involvement with Kiki included co-curating “Piece: Nine Artists Consider Yoko Ono,” as well as co-editing and designing that show's accompanying book of short essays, “This Is Not Her."

Inspired by a private online talk with local artist and curator Margaret Tedesco, this conversation is the first in a series of programs focusing on Bay Area art history and celebrates the various artists, groups and spaces, that made the region’s art community what it is today and what it can be tomorrow.

Considering Kiki: Delaplane and Wayne Smith in Conversation

Online, 11:00 AM

Click here for a video documentation of the event.