April 6, 2017
. . . David Hammons is on our mind: Blue is a Color
In 1967, the artist Raymond Saunders, a CCA professor, published a pamphlet titled Black is a Color. In it, he refuses to allow the color of his skin to determine what he can or cannot paint.

As David Hammons puts it, I'm trying to get away from the redundancy of being an African-American or making African-American art. It's like a double negative, a double noun.

Instead, Hammons turned to blue: Blues and the Abstract Truth (1997, Kunsthalle Bern), Concerto in Black and Blue (2002, Ace Gallery), to name a few. And while blue and the blues might mean a lot of things, it's also just a color.

This multi-media event, titled Blue is a Color, brings together fragments and excerpts of different kinds of blue as it appears in film, art, literature, art history, computer science, and music.

Featuring work by:
David Bowie
Anne Carson
Derek Jarman
Joni Mitchell
Maggie Nelson
Sondra Perry

And presentations or readings by:
Kate Rakelly
Frances Richard

Co-organized with Jordana Moore Saggese and Patricia Maloney.

This is the tenth event in our year-long season about and around the work of David Hammons.

Blue is a Color begins at 7 pm.