September 7, 2019
...Fanny Singer performs a close reading of Vincent Fecteau's newest body of work.
In this lecture, Fanny Singer responds to Vincent Fecteau's newest body of work. Using their related but different forms and unique finishes as a starting point for a discussion of process, the artist’s references, and the audience’s many potential inferences. Taking both pop cultural and art historical contexts into account, Singer speaks to Fecteau’s capacity for creating works that are at once inscrutable and generous, and whose chimerical nature pushes them to the very edge of visionary.

Fanny Singer is an art historian, writer and art critic and the co-founder of Permanent Collection. In 2013, she received a PhD from University of Cambridge on the subject of Richard Hamilton’s late work. Her first book, Always Home, will be published by Knopf in 2020. She lives in San Francisco.

This event is presented on the occasion of Vincent Fecteau on view through November 9, 2019.

Lecture by Fanny Singer on Vincent Fecteau

5:00 pm