July 21, 2018
... Andrea Fraser: a talk with the artist and a book launch
2016 in Museums, Money, and Politics: A Discussion with Andrea Fraser, Jamie Stevens, and Rob Reich

At the end of our 2014-2015 Andrea Fraser research season, we invited the artist to publish a book with us. Much has happened in our country in the last few years, and Fraser has felt an urgent need to respond. In partnership with Westreich Wagner Publications and MIT Press, the Wattis has co-published her timely new book 2016 in Museum, Money, and Politics (2018).

We launch the book with a discussion between Fraser, former Wattis Curator & Head of Programs Jamie Stevens (now of Artists Space), and Stanford Professor of Political Science Rob Reich. The event is followed by a book signing with the author.

2016 was unlike any other election cycle that came before it. It was the most expensive election in this country’s history with over $6.4 billion raised for presidential and congressional races combined. More than half of this money came from just a few hundred people—many of whom also support cultural institutions and serve on their boards. In a 900-page book organized like a telephone directory, Fraser documents the reported political contributions made by trustees of more than 125 art museums.

Andrea Fraser is an artist and professor of art at the University of California, Los Angeles. She is the author of Museum Highlights: The Writings of Andrea Fraser, among other books.

This program takes place at McEvoy Foundation for the Arts as part of the San Francisco Art Book Fair.

Talk: 6pm

McEvoy Foundation for the Arts
1150 25th Street, Building B

*This event is currently at capacity.*

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