December 17, 2016
. . . David Hammons is on our mind: performances by Wadada Leo Smith (with Ikue Mori, Anthony Davis, Hardedge) + Zeena Parkins/William Winant at the Lab
David Hammons plays with art the way a musician plays with sound—he gets inside it, bends it, twists it around and keeps it from sitting too still or getting too comfortable.

This entire week has been about music. On Wednesday, at Kadist, we saw scores by Wadada Leo Smith and heard him speak. On Thursday, at the Wattis, we heard Zeena Parkins introduce a screening by Butch Morris. Tonight, finally, both musicians perform live, at The Lab.

Smith performs his piece Four Symphonies. He plays the trumpet, and has invited others to join him. Ikue Mori performs on electronics, Anthony Davis plays the piano, and Hardedge does the sound design.

Zeena Parkins and William Winant perform an improvised duo for harp and percussion.

This is the final part of Abstract Languages: Three Musical Events, co-organized with Kadist and The Lab.

This is the sixth event in our year-long season about and around the work of David Hammons.

8pm: Doors

8:30pm: Zeena Parkins and William Winant

9:30pm: Wadada Leo Smith with Ikue Mori, Anthony Davis, Hardedge

at The Lab
2948 16th Street
San Francisco

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Wadada Leo Smith, Four Symphonies
Wadada Leo Smith, Four Symphonies

Wadada Leo Smith, Four Symphonies
Wadada Leo Smith, Four Symphonies