September 28, 2020
...Jenni Crain leads a Cecilia Vicuña Reading Group
Whose footsteps are these? Where have they gone?

Footsteps: the impact and imprint of breathing beings' mobilization on and across the earth. They may be seen, heard, felt. In their presence - in both their motion and in their stillness - they evidence a past and imply a future. They trace the interactions of bodies and environments. Their ephemeral nature is grounded in loss. Their direction orients migration. These orders teeter between the natural and the regulated. This precarity posits a juncture of reciprocity and of renewal. There is integration in disintegration. There is resilience in vulnerability.

While thinking through Vicuña’s vast and diverse body of work, this conversation will consider cycles, courses and constructions of time as forms of measure and mark making; of control and erasure; as threads of continuity coalescing bodies, beliefs, landscapes – sharing, pollinating, living, an amalgamation, the life force.

In the Andes they say:
"The time has come to renew the past.
The future is behind: it has not yet arrived."

If the memory of an event is a "trace" in the land, the actions that took place long ago are "etched" there, but "long ago" may become tomorrow anytime!

- Cecilia Vicuña

Readings include Ranajit Guha’s "A Conquest Foretold" (1998) and Miguel López's "Cecilia Vicuña: A Retrospective For Eyes That Do Not See" (2019). Further reading suggestions will be made available up to one week prior to the meeting.

Jenni Crain, current Curatorial Fellow at CCA Wattis, is a New York based artist and curator. She recently curated an exhibition of Tee Corinne's work at Midway Contemporary Art, Minneapolis. She is currently pursuing her MA at the Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College, and will curate a group exhibition at Kim? Contemporary Art Center, Riga, LV in Fall 2021.

This is the first event in our year-long season dedicated to thinking about our contemporary moment through the lens of Cecilia Vicuña's work.

Jenni Crain leads a Cecilia Vicuña Reading Group: Whose footsteps are these? Where have they gone?

5 - 6:30 pm (PST)
Free, online (space is limited to allow for discussion format)

RSVP to reserve a spot in the reading group and receive PDFs of the texts. First come, first served.

The Cecilia Vicuña Reading Groups offer a virtual space for in-depth conversation around Vicuña’s work. Each meeting is led by a different invited guest, who assigns a selection of readings and leads an open dialogue with participants.