October 30, 2017
. . . Screening of Seth Price's "Redistribution" with Tanya Zimbardo
People often want to hear what the artist has to say, what lies "behind" the work, yet at the same time it's taken as a performance.

But Seth Price's Redistribution (2007 - ) isn't an artist talk. It uses the artist's talk as a form and turns it into a video: the artist is at a lectern, giving an overview of his practice, but his explanations are called into question by the constructed nature of all the graphic effects, repeated sequences, voice-overs, or background music. After all, a video is just material in a chain.

When an image is filtered, you're mostly seeing the filter.

Price first made this work in 2007 but keeps re-editing it, adding new sections and altering others. This screening features his newest and most recent version, from 2017. Tanya Zimbardo, Assistant Curator of Media Arts at SFMOMA, introduces the screening.

This is the second event in our year-long season about and around the work of Seth Price.

Introduction by Tanya Zimbardo: 6:30 pm

Screening of Seth Price's Redistribution: 6:45 pm

Space is limited.