March 21, 2016
... Andrea Fraser is on our mind: a lecture by John Russell.

“All these undetermined things (gesturing around with arms) which are ‘your culture’ but which are not in any meaningful sense differentiated from​ anything else ... All these things will exist after you are dead.”
​ ​
These are your culture.
​ ​
The bourgeois interior …fittingly only houses the corpse. …The soulless luxury of the furnishings becomes true comfort only in the presence of a dead body.

The objects in the room mock the ‘living’: ‘We (all these things you value) will be here after you are dead’.

John Russell is an artist and writer based in London. He was a founder of BANK and editor of the three-volume publication Frozen Tears. He is a Reader in Fine Art at the University of Reading, UK.

This event is organized by Marcella Faustini and is the ninth event in our year-long season about and around the work of Andrea Fraser.

Lecture begins at 7:15pm