December 8, 2014
. . . Joan Jonas is on our mind: a reading by Ronaldo V. Wilson.
For Joan Jonas: A poetry reading by Ronaldo V. Wilson.

Throughout her career, Joan Jonas has projected and destabilized the markers of authorship, embodiment, gender, and narrative. Poetry often furnishes her source material.

“I was very influenced…by the idea of poetic structure—the way a poem is put together in relation to the way I put an image together.”

Poet Ronaldo V. Wilson expands the poetic text through video, performance, and sound recordings. He, too, is fascinated by masking, movement, and feedback structures.

Ronaldo V. Wilson, PhD, is the author of Narrative of the Life of the Brown Boy and the White Man(2008) and Poems of the Black Object (2009) and is an Assistant Professor of Poetry, Fiction and Literature at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

This event is organized by Patricia Maloney and Frances Richard and is the fourth of a year-long series of events about and around the work of Joan Jonas.

P.S. A video of the performance is below
Joan Jonas, 'Lines in the Sand', 2002.
Joan Jonas, 'Lines in the Sand', 2002.