October 10, 2014
. . . a presentation by Mike Rugnetta, Emily Eifler, and Arletta Anderson.
A presentation by New York–based composer and media theorist Mike Rugnetta, with contemporary dancer Arletta Anderson and writer-theorist Emily Eifler.

The project was developed through the incorporation of three diverse artistic practices, showcasing dance, composition, and the Oculus Rift DK2. The three artists explore the notion of space through movement, the use virtual reality technology, and suggested through the arrangement of sound. Attendees to the event have two possible levels of involvement with the production: a primary, general performance for everyone, and an individual secondary, short-term interaction (based on availability due to the total attendance during the three hour performance window).

Organized by Ken Becker.


P.S. It was a nice event. Many waited in line for the Oculus Rift, others watched the videos and the performance, people came in and out, and everyone had drinks.