Lydia Ourahmane

Untitled, 2021
Stained Glass
Unique edition of 4
8 3/4 x 12 inches

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In Lydia Ourhamane's own words:

I was drawn to stained glass due to the belief that the light (God) that shines through religious iconography and is cast onto the faces of people within the church somehow superimposes the images of religious scenes on and into the believer — as if these experiences of belief could be photosynthesized. I think about the use of stained glass as creating an aspiration between that image and the self. The light that shines through it is the same light that makes all of us equally visible and tells us that we have been seen. So maybe these spaces which mediate an encounter with God are actually producing an environment where one can encounter the self. Religion is, after all, a mirror. These fragments of glass were salvaged from various demolished churches. Apparently, stained glass with religious iconography is the least valuable and most difficult to re-purpose due to a general "decline of belief." Each fragment is set within three pieces of glass, which references the ritual of hospitality within Islamic faith as being a triangulation between the guest, the host, and God.