The Exhibition Formerly Known As Passengers
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The Exhibition Formerly Known As Passengers
CCA Wattis Institute, 2008
Paperback, 8 pages

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Launched in September 2007, the exhibition Passengers aimed to overcome the often restrictive programming schedule of a typical art institution by implementing a format that was constantly transforming and self-perpetuating. At the beginning of every month, one of the artists from the group portion of the show would move into the central cube to present a solo show, and then at the end of the month he or she would leave the exhibition completely and a brand-new artist would enter the group show, thus constantly repopulating the display.

The Exhibition Formerly Known As Passengers, as we are now calling it in its second year, follows largely the same format but discontinues the monthly new addition, so that the show will eventually reach an endpoint—a solo representation of the remaining single artist—in August 2009. Each month the gallery architecture will adapt, with the cube expanding as the group show contracts.

Each monthly solo exhibition is accompanied by a small booklet featuring a text (often the first published interpretations on one of these emerging artist's work) by curator Jens Hoffmann. Featuring images of the works in the show, together this brightly colored series reveal the latest developments in contemporary art practice. Designed by Stripe/Jon Sueda.

Booklets Available:
Tauba Auerbach
Kris Martin
Dirk Stewen
Kirsten Pieroth
Colter Jacobsen
Jordan Wolfson
Kristen Morgin
Peter Coffin
Abraham Cruzvillegas
Claire Fontaine
Mario Garcia Torres
Aurélien Froment

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