Sold Out
CCA Wattis Institute, 2007
Paperback, 8 pages

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Passengers is a permanent but constantly transforming exhibition of emerging international contemporary artists. The Wattis Upper gallery has been divided into two separate spaces, one of which features a group show of 11 artists, and the other a solo exhibition. At the end of each month, the solo artist will leave the exhibition completely, an artist from the group show will move into the solo space, and a new artist will be introduced into the group show.

Each monthly solo exhibition is accompanied by a small booklet featuring a text (often the first published interpretations on one of these emerging artist's work) by curator Jens Hoffmann. Featuring images of the works in the show, together this brightly colored series reveal the latest developments in contemporary art practice. Designed by Stripe/Jon Sueda.

Booklets Available:
Daria Martin
Alexandre Da Cunha
Ryan Gander
Shana Lutker
Tim Lee (sold out)
Annette Kelm
João Maria Gusmão + Pedro Paiva
Ulla Von Brandenburg
Gareth Moore
Roman Ondák
Valérie Mréjen
Federico Herrero

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