Past events
Corresponding Sites: A Performance by Indira Allegra
Indira Allegra, in collaboration with sound artist and composer Shanna Sordahl, presents a triptych of new performances at Lake Merritt, a large tidal lagoon in the center of Oakland designated as the United States’ first official wildlife refuge in 1870 and identified as a COVID-19 transmission hotspot for the city today.

Using deconstructed cello sounds which play with tension, timbre, and noise, alongside vocals and the sound of the lake itself, Sordahl and Allegra perform new compositions that work with viral musical time, creating a public offering that explores what we can learn from the coronavirus structure rather than only fighting it.

More information is available here.

Performance/Vocal: Indira Allegra
Performance/Cello: Shanna Sordahl
Audio Recording: Danishta Rivero
Mixing & Mastering: Shanna Sordahl
Photo credit: Chani Bockwinkel