Here there are videos of artists talking about their work as well as video and audio documentation of all past lectures, performances, and events. There are also essays about exhibitions, plus reviews, reading lists, and interviews to read. The Library is organized in two sections:
Past events
Franklin Sirmans and Calvin Reid on Just Above Midtown
Re: Lorraine O’Grady: Both/And, A Lecture by Catherine Morris on Lorraine O'Grady
Another Aesthetics is Possible: Jennifer Ponce de León and Colleen Lye in Conversation
The Amazon: Scenarios, Challenges, and Art Education as Pathways to the Future: A lecture by Emerson Uýra
Asian Futures, Without Asians: an illustrated talk by Astria Suparak
Care Practices: A Panel Discussion
Corresponding Sites: A Performance by Indira Allegra
Between Radicalism and Repression: U.S. Black Communists Against Racial Capitalism, a lecture by Dr. Charisse Burden-Stelly
Julieta González on "Memories of Underdevelopment: Art and the Decolonial Turn in Latin America, 1960-1985"
A premiere screening of new films by Cecilia Vicuña, and a conversation between the artist and Daniel Borzutzky
Miguel López on Cecilia Vicuña
Ayesha Hameed: The End of Eating Everything
Art and Dialogue: San Francisco with Michelle White
Catching Ideas in Process: Jay DeFeos Photography, a panel discussion with Corey Keller, Paul Mpagi Sepuya and Rayyane Tabet, moderated by Emily Markert
Land to Light On: Talk by Joshua Myers, "The Black Radical Tradition; or a Poetics of a Liberation"
"Craig Baldwin: Avant To Live," a conversation with Brett Kashmere and Steve Polta, with a screening of films by Craig Baldwin
"Considering Kiki," a conversation with Delaplane and Wayne Smith
Talk by Margaret Tedesco: "Love Letter to the Archive"
A performance by sound artist Laetitia Sonami
A conversation with Trinh T. Minh-ha and Isaac Julien
A conversation with Lydia Ourahmane and Anthony Huberman
Chris E. Vargas hosts Trancestor Radio Hour
Talk by Trinh T. Minh-ha: "The Voice of Multiplicity"
Vincent Fecteau and Kathy Butterly in conversation
Lecture by Ute Meta Bauer on Trinh T. Minh-ha
Lecture by Fanny Singer on Vincent Fecteau
Group Reading and Celebration: Mirage
Lecture on "Nothing" by Jack Halberstam
"Talking Shit: Bluster, Bluff, Braggadocio, and a Poetics of Illegibility," a lecture by Tonya Foster
"The Glen Park Library," a book launch by Pamela M. Lee
"Funny People for Humorless Times," hosted by Tara Jepsen and Michelle Tea
"Motherhood," a performance by Young Joon Kwak and Kim Ye
"On Cults, Communes, and Collectives," launch of Apricota Issue #2 with Joanna Fiduccia, Jennifer Nelson, and Carmen Winant
Readings by Linda Bakke, Michele Carlson, Victoria Gannon, Carlos Jackson, and Ismail Muhammad
Lecture by Andrew Durbin on Dodie Bellamy
Conversation with Gelare Khoshghozaran & Leila Weefur on Deep-Time Construction
Book launch of Motherhood and conversation with Sheila Heti & Ross Simonini
Performances I am Sitting in a Room and The Nerve Meter by James Fei
"Data, or, Bodies into Facts," a lecture by Sun-ha Hong
Conversation with Seth Price & Sohrab Mohebbi
Reading by Michele Carlson on the exhibition Mechanisms
A lecture by Andrew Culp on the aesthetics of refusal
A screening of Seth Prices Redistribution
"The Mantra of Efficiency: From Waterwheel to Social Control," a lecture by Jennifer Alexander
Lecture on Seth Price by Michelle Kuo
Fred Moten on Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man
Lecture on David Hammons by Manthia Diawara
Readings and performances by Tongo Eisen-Martin and friends
A screening of Lawrence "Butch" Morris, with Zeena Parkins
Conversation between Charles Burnett and Jacqueline Francis
Readings by poets Divya Victor and Maged Zaher
Conversation between Wang Bing & Weihong Bao
Artist talk by Chelsea Knight
A talk by Lia Gangitano about initial collaborations with Ellen Cantor
A lecture by Rob Reich about private philanthropy in the non-profit sector
A lecture on Andrea Fraser by Shannon Jackson
A screening and conversation with Paul Sietsema
Reading of Martin Wongs poetry
Artist talk by Doug Hall
A talk by Cosmin Costinas about Martin Wong
Screenings by Charlemagne Palestine
A performance by Olivia Mole to YOGAFLOGOGO
A talk by Tom Jimmerson on the beginning
An organ performance by Erik Thys for Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys at Saint Mary's Cathedral, San Francisco
A reading by Lisa Radon
A reading by Jesse Seldess
A reading by Hazel White
A reading by Ronaldo V. Wilson as he expands the poetic text through video, performance and sound recordings
A talk by Rasmus Røhling on being casual
A discussion by V. Vale on the work of J. G. Ballard
A lecture by Adrian Daub on Repetition
A performance by Steve Kado about the work of minimalist composer Terry Riley
A lecture by Joan Jonas about poetry and politics